A Well Paid Tribute to the Seven Time Champion



Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to honor his father’s birthday at the Talladega Superspeedway by driving a replica of his black No. 3 Chevrolet with white lettering and silver and red stripes. Hoping he will achieve to evoke the feeling that used to go around the track when any driver saw the car on their rearview mirror. Only this time the car will be showing No.8 since his father’s No.3 has not been displayed on the tracks since his death in 2001.

The act is a tribute part of a larger act of greeting at Dale Earnhardt Inc., which is celebrating 3 events Earnhardt’s thursday night induction into the Motorsports Hall of Fame, his overall accomplishments at Talladega and his 55th birthday, which would have been Sunday.

Birthdays bring happier memories, which is why, it is correct to assume, the change of attitude in Earnhart Jr. He was not comfortable last February in the celebration of the anniversary of hthe champion’s death.

What brings drama to the event is that after all, it is Talladega and Daytona where he is more like his father, the two fastest and more dangerous tracks. Dale Earnhardt was the leading man at restrictor-plate racing, especially at Talladega. Junior inherited the skill required to work the draft, he has five victories at Talladega and two at Daytona.


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